4th of July & Camping Extravagaanza!

After just returning from Ridgway a day or two before, we didn’t plan much. We did have Ellen over for her birthday and joined our neighbors in the evening while they set off fireworks. 

No personality, this girl 😉

Camping is one of our very favoritest(I just made it a word) things to do as a family. I think we managed to go twice last year, which was the most we’ve been in about three years. We definitely made some memories!

Normally, we only stay one night when we camp. We decided now that the kids are older, we’d attempt two nights. It worked out perfectly and made all the work of packing and unpacking worth the time. Planning food was a little challenging though. We grilled frozen personal pizzas our first night. Turned out darn good!

We used to camp on the ground. Now we’re over it. We like to be comfy 😉

What do you do when it pours rain for 2 hours while you’re camping?! Play PIT, naturally! Best. Game. Ever!

This is my “boys will be boys” picture.

Tried so hard to get a nice picture out of this kid. No luck. I love the way they turned out anyways!!!

Now, this girl on the other hand….

No problem posing here.

Look at this beautiful girl I found in the woods!

Ok. This was Ammon’s invention. Freaked me out a little at first, but look how cool it is!?


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