Happy Birthday to Tasha…officially a teenager!!!!! (13)

Well, this one came like I knew it would, but it was still a little surreal. How can we have a teenager?! How did I blink and have our baby become this beautiful, sweet, organized, stubborn, teenager? 

Tasha’s birthday breakfast request: Chocolate croissant and strawberries. We bought her a desk back in the spring, which was technically her birthday present, so we just got her some goodies that she loves. Ammon was working, but we still found a way to make him part of the photo 😉

Tasha’s request for her birthday: go to Ridgway. Well, we went to Ouray instead because there isn’t really anywhere to stay in Ridgway. Our friends were out of town that weekend…But since Ouray is my favorite place on the planet…I wasn’t complaining!

In all the years we lived in the area, we’d never been up to Cascade Falls. It’s a short walk up a long hill in Ouray. Worth seeing. It was lovely!

We played like tourists in Ouray and spent a lot of time with these gals. Phoebe and Lily have been the kindest, most loving friends to Tasha, that a girl could ever have. They also happen to have birthdays two weeks before Tasha’s and two weeks after, respectively, so a giant party was in order. We went to the new Montrose rec. center and swam our little hearts out. Then, we came back to eat a feast and open gifts.

This is part of the motel property at which we were staying. Annika and I took some time to sit outside and enjoy it. 


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