Hot Fun in the Summertime

Starting with Rocky because, he’s just cute! He enjoyed a doggie ice-cream bowl from Good Times and boy did he have a good time….oh yes, I just did.

Family Home Evening Activty: Go to Dairy Queen! Yes!!!

Pretty little ladies, all ready for church!

Taking a ride on their “horses”

Happy Birthday dear Rocky (or Rock-etta?)….

We did a cousin-swap for a few days and we had the boys! We had a fun weekend of nerf wars, swimming, bowling and movies. It was pretty fun time and I just adore these nephews of mine. I’m so glad that Kevin has some awesome boys in his life since he’s surrounded by mostly girls at home 😉

I took the kids to a local splash park to enjoy a picnic and some time to cool off. They didn’t have any fun at all!




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