O Canada-Part 2!

Finally, after all our running from place to place, we had a home base in St. Catherines. Mom and our gang spent our first day there in Niagara Falls doing all the fun things there.

We took the Hornblower boat ride by the Falls. The power of that water is incredible.

We escaped the heat and humidity by going through Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum. 

This Mona Lisa was painted only with nail polish!!!!! Can you imagine?

The kids had fun 😉

In all the years I lived in Ontario, I never tried Poutine. It never looked very appealing to me, but wow! Was I ever missing out. This stuff was to die-for. Amazing fries with cheese curds and gravy. Heaven! 

Time for the wax museum. Some of the figures were very life-like. Some, not so much, but still fun!

Niagara Falls!



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