O Canada-Part 3!

It was so hot and humid while we were visiting, that we had to hit the pool every afternoon to cool off!

The kids were overjoyed to find a frog!

This is an original carousel from the 1800’s. 

Me and my Mommy at Uncle Rolph’s Sanctuary

Playing Yum! It was always my favorite game as a kid. It’s a lot like Yahtzee. 

We had to go to the Falls at night. They had changing colors and a great fireworks show. Not to be missed in July.

My favorite town in the world, next to Ouray! Niagara-on-the-lake. We bought about 9 slabs of fudge 😉 Not to mention, we also bought butter tarts and a number of other baked goods from the local bakery. AND ice cream. 

I’d always wanted to take one of the horse-drawn carriage rides around NOTL and knew it would make it memorable for the kids. The bonus was that we learned a bunch of history as we went.


This was an incredible, authentic pizza place that we stopped at for lunch. The kids didn’t really care for real pizza, but us adults loved it!

This is Kevin at an old Apothecary shop.

The kids each took turns riding in Grammy’s car with her when we went places, so they’d have some special Grammy time.

My friend Melanie and her kids were able to meet us in a park so we’d have the chance to catch up in person. So good to see her and meet her kids! Annika and Liv got along famously! They claimed they really were sisters.

We had to leave Mom to drive to Buffalo and catch our flight home, but we took a detour on the way to go to Palmyra, NY and visit the homesite of Joseph Smith and his family.

Ammon’s paternal Grandmother actually lived in this house one summer, after the Smith family had vacated it.

The Sacred Grove was just as peaceful and serene as I remembered. 

The hill Cumorah monument

It was a crazy 10 day vacation, but we loved every minute of it!


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