Photo-Heavy Update

Well, I pretty much failed at our family blog posting in 2017, but better late than never. In all honesty, I don’t know that many people look at the blog much anymore, so it’s really more for our reference. 


Ammon and I and some friends attended an incredible musical performance called “The Lamb of God”. It’s a combination chorale and orchestra and they present the most beautiful oratorio about the last month or so of the Savior’s life. There are 5 vocal soloists representing Peter, James & John and then Mary & Martha. A cello represents the Saviors voice. I’ve never heard anything like it.

Date night at a Brazilian bowl restaurant and Beauty & the Beast while the kids are at their cousins for the weekend. 

Beautiful signs of spring

Watching General Conference together. A moment where sisters actually love each other 😉

Decorating easter eggs with our adorable and spunky Sister missionaries (Sister Peterson and Sister Cardoza). Love these girls!!!

As if our own doggie isn’t enough, we have to get our puppy fix at Petco when they have adoption events. Just because, well, they’re puppies!!! Do we need more reason than that?!

The girls love to walk over to ARC thrift store and Once Upon A Child (consignment) and spend their money. Annika found this darling romper and wore it all summer long!

Date night…uh, afternoon! We had a gift card to spend, so spend it we did. We managed to get three dates out of one $50 gift card for Hacienda Colorado. This is just two appetizers!!!

Speaking of dates, Kevin and I enjoyed a fun afternoon playing mini-golf and having lunch together. =) I love my boy!

I think the boys must have been at a campout of something, ’cause this night, it was just us gals. We did all things girlie: watched The Princess Diaries, had our water in fancy glasses, ate caramel popcorn, veggies with dip, fruit and maracons! Yum!


This is the face you make when you have a blizzard in May. Yuck!



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