Summer Adventures

The kids and I took a short trip to Denver to check out the Denver Museum of Dolls and Miniatures. It was in an old 19th century home, full of tiny toys. My favorites were the dollhouses of course. I would’ve loved a dollhouse like these as a girl. It was fun to check it out and do something different.

Because he just had to know if he could fit. LOL


These were FANTASTIC! Tasha likes to bake every once in a while and decided to try out these strawberry-buttermilk scones and wow! So delicious!

There’s a great park not far from us that has a small river that runs through it, a little train and a petting zoo. I decided to take the kids one afternoon so we could enjoy it all. To my surprise, Kevin and Annika spent hours just playing in the river. They didn’t even bother with the other stuff! I love it when they just enjoy the simple things. Makes a Mama-heart happy!


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