New Years so far…

Tasha and I went on a date during Christmas vacation. Off to the mall we went and grabbed some lunch from Mod Market.

I’m planning on doing these sheets every New Year’s Eve from now on to see how the kids favorite and goals change. 

Someone got a cookbook for Christmas and has been busy cooking up a storm.

Ammon’s solution to Annabell being in the house to warm up…She actually laid down after this and went to sleep =)

My gal pal Carissa and I had some girl time at the mall, complete with Macarons!

Sunday lego-athon

Tasha’s bestie, Phoebe came to visit, so what did the girls choose to do-bake of course!

The kids and I went to see “The Greatest Showman”. AMAZING! We all adored it. Ammon didn’t really want to see its and he was sick, so it was the perfect time.

Annabell came in to warm up and literally massaged Rocky’s side for 10 min. He just layed there. 

A true doggie pile!

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