October happenings: Rockies Game, Happy 12th Birthday Kevin & AZ Papa’s visit

We attended our first Rockies game (baseball) ever and all would agree it was a blast! We had nachos and hotdogs and popcorn and cheered our little non-sports following hearts out =)

Nope, you’re not seeing things, that is a cat head behind Rocky’s bum. Annabell was smooshed back there, but she didn’t even care.

My Dad (otherwise known as AZ Papa) came to visit for a week spur of the moment. We were having tile floor put on the main floor of our house, so we all crashed at the Mannings. (Thanks Lee & Ellen!!)


Happy 12th Birthday Kevin! Thanks for being your grateful, easy-going self. We’re glad you’re our son =0

The night before Dad had to leave, we went out to dinner at our local diner. Always good food and a fun, retro atmosphere.

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