Random Fun Moments

Watching a FULL solar eclipse. We didn’t get to see all of it in Colorado, but probably about 2/3 and it was pretty awesome! It was a bright and sunny, warm day, but when the eclipse happened, the birds and crickets quieted and the air became considerably cooler, yet it was still daytime. It was pretty cool!

Random scary halloween guy in Lowes.

We found these cheap Groupons for a local, small amusement park called Heritage Square and since we’d not been before, we snatched them up! It was small, but a great time, mostly due to the go-karts and mini-roller coaster! It was the first time the kids had ever driven go karts and they loved “driving”. 

I told Annika and Tasha how much I’d loved the tilt a whirl ride as a kid, so the three of us went on…only, apparently, my head doesn’t enjoy spinning as much as it used to. About 15 seconds into the ride, our little cart was spinning faster than a bottle top and I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t feel sick, I can’t honestly describe how I felt, but I had to get off. So, they stopped the ride so I could exit. The kids went on the ride about 6 times more and loved every minute of it!

Around this time (September), I decided that I needed to do something differently on Sunday mornings to make a distinction for the kids between the Sabbath Day and the rest of the week. I started setting the table nicely and making a special breakfast before they woke up on Sundays. I made sure there was beautiful, calming music on and sat and ate with them as we talked. I’ve continued this tradition ever since and feel it has really helped our Sunday mornings start off on the right foot.


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