Holiday Weekend

Saturday went with a blur! Ammon was working on a car all day and I was getting some things done for church and just doing some general de-cluttering, but wow did time fly! Today Ammon, Lee, the kids and I went hiking at Massey Draw (not sure about spelling). We’re babysitting one of Ammon’s co-workers little boy, Evan, so of course he came too. I’d never been on this hike, though I’d heard lots about it from Ammon. I guess it was one of his haunts from high school. The kids all did great! Evan kept up with us the whole time and hardly complained at all, which amazing considering it was a pretty good hike and he’s only 7. Kevin loved it! He gabbed up a storm the whole time and looked at everything. He even plucked a few leaves off a nearby tree to taste-test! And eventually, he gave up fighting his fatigue and crashed for a bit! So cute! Tasha didn’t say much, though we were treated to a pretty little song on the way back to the car.

After we got home, the kids (and I’m including Ammon here) played in the sprinklers and had a great time. I wasn’t a part of it because I was getting pampered at a local salon. I got the most wonderful pedicure! There was a massaging chair, magazines, candy if you wanted it and they even gave you bottled water (free). Ahhhh…..If I wasn’t writing this right now, I’d be taking a nap!

Later we’re going on a bike ride and then we’ll probably relax for the evening. Us old folks aren’t used to this kind of activity all in one day!

New to Blogging! What a weird word….blog

So, I didn’t even know what a blog was until recently, but I’m warming up to them now. I think they’re a great way to keep up on what’s going on in people’s lives and family/friends can check it on their own from time to time. Thus, the Ammon, Lauren, Tasha and Kevin now have their very own Manning Blog! This is not to say that I won’t still email, but this way if I’ve forgotten to tell someone stuff about the kids or whatever, I don’t have to repeat it in an email a thousand times.