Merry Christmas! Wait a minute….it’s May…what the!?

Ammon loves eggnog SOOOOO much that he was delighted to find that Borden makes Eggnog in a can. Yes, in a can, folks! Isn’t that just the cats meow. I bet you’re going to run out there and buy some since it sounds so appealing! 😉 Anyways, Tasha loves Eggnog almost as much as Ammon. I bet you can’t tell from the pictures!



Oh, and apparently Eggnog grows on trees too. We were hiking today and had stopped to take a rest under a tree when tasking spotted some yellow moss on the tree. “Look, Eggnog!”, she exclaimed. Mmmmmmmm

Kevin’s Game!

Ammon likes to play this one computer game after work to relax and it looks like we’ve got a gamer in training. It’s nothing to laugh at either, no smiles during these games….it’s serious business….see?


Can’t tear himself away to smile!


Sleeping Beauty

Every now and then, I get lucky and Tasha will take a nap with me while Kevin naps. It doesn’t happen alot, but when it does, it’s heaven. Here’s Tasha snoozing the day away!


Growing up a little….too fast!

Tasha found a face mask in our hall closet today. The kind that you’d get from the doctor’s office to cover your mouth when you’re sick. This particular one had disney characters on it and was just her size…well, she came in to see me when I was doing something in her room and she’d put the straps that you are supposed to put around your ears, over her arms and was wearing it under her shirt. She was wearing a pajama shirt that was low enough that you could see the mask poking out of the top.  “Bra, Mommy” she said……Trying hard not to wet myself laughing, I carefully told her that it was not a bra and that it was supposed to go on her face. Then I thought, oh boy if this is what she’s like now……;)

ABC, 1,2,3….

After having played on the jungle gym and the swings for quite a while yesterday, Mommy decided it was time to go home. I informed Kevin, who was still swinging, that I’d count to three and then I’d get him out and we’d leave. I said, “One..” and before I could finish my counting, I heard a little voice say ” Two, tree”. And it was Kevin!!!! He even tried to hold up the right number of fingers. Who knew he could count to three? Not me!

She said it!

This afternoon Tasha went to get dressed (again, for the fourth time today), and when I went upstairs to check on her, I found her with a t-shirt that hangs in her closet….on a rack about 4 feet above her head……I asked her how she got the shirt. Her response was “Mom, I’m a big girl”! Well, okay then! =)

The latest addition to the family

No, we’re not pregnant and we didn’t adopt a pet….well, not in a conventional way anyways. Kevin is our dog! Unlike Tasha who didn’t really play pretend very much until recently, Kevin has already started crawling around woofing and snuggling up against your leg like a dog! I discovered this one Saturday when I heard Tasha saying “Good doggy” and found that Kevin had walked over to Tasha, then gotten on his hands and knees at her feet and proceeded to woof while she petted his head! Too much! =)

Good Little Momma!

While we’ve known for a long time now that Tasha loves to baby her dolls, her Snowy, etc, this moment we had Saturday night takes the cake!

We had friends over for dinner who have two kids; one Tasha’s age and one that is 7 months old. The 7 month-old was laying on the fam. room floor and I happened to look down at her and realized that she had a bare bottom. I thought it odd since both parents were up in the kitchen with us. The hilarity of the situation hit me when I saw Tasha walking down the stairs with a diaper and the little girls bloomers and proceeded to diaper and dress her saying, “Kaitlyn pee-pee in diaper”!!!!! We had a good laugh over our little Mother in training!

Information for you!

For those of you who frequent our blog site, I wanted to draw your attention to the righthand side. There are other pages you can view; one dedicated to the things Kevin is saying, and one for Tasha too. Just fyi!

Community Appreciation Day

On Saturday, Remax was holding a community appreciation day at a local park. Though the weather was yucky, we decided to brave it. It was a hit! With us anyways. There weren’t alot of people there, which was perfect. We watched a clown make balloon animals, got a spider painted on the kids hands (Tasha’s was pink and sparkly, of course), jumped on one of those blow-up things, had free muffins and took our first hot air balloon ride. Kevin wasn’t so sure about the hot air balloon thing. He whimpered all the way up and down. Tasha, on the other hand, seemed to think it was kind of neat and by the time we got down, had a little smile on her face. The balloon was tethered so it wasn’t going very high or far, but it was a neat experience nonetheless.

After all that excitement, we visited with some dogs that were wandering around and then played at the playground. Kevin was able to climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by himself! What a big boy!

There were professional photographers running around snapping photos and while waiting for the balloon ride, I heard them say, “let’s get a photo of that cute girl with the glasses”. So, a photo will be posted when I receive it.