Dillon, Co: Part 1

I’ll get around to taking/posting house pictures later….I’m a little behind! About two weeks ago, we went to Dillon, Co for a family vacation. The Mannings had reserved a week in a condo for themselves and us kids and grandkids to get together and have some summer fun. Lucky for us, Dillon is only an hour away! 

As always, when we all get together, we had a great time. There’s always lots of fun catching up and endless entertainment with all five grandchildren under one roof. This time, our fun included some sightseeing and a few new adventures. 

I took the kids to Dillon a day ahead of Ammon because I needed a break from packing and the kids were so excited to spend time with their cousins. 

The first day, we drove into old town Frisco and went through a bunch of old houses and buildings. They had done a remarkable job of preserving them and displaying their contents. The kids were just old enough to be slightly interested for well, at least two minutes! 😉 

This is an old jail cell the kids are sitting in. I couldn’t get a picture that accurately showed just how tiny this little room was. 

This is Tasha in the spring house….see below….

This is the gang in the old church

I thought the old spinning wheel was cool

This was Natasha’s favorite room that we saw in all the houses. It was obviously a little girls room filled with tons of antique dolls and clothes and little doll furniture. She wanted to jump over the railing and play with all of those toys!

Kevin bug watching….he’s fascinated with all bugs and this is his signature bug-watching position. I wish I could balance like that. He can stay like that for 15 min without falling over! 

I was surprised to find out that these dresses belonged to ladies in the red-light district. I had thought how beautiful and classy these dresses were and was shocked that prostitutes had worn them. Guess things have changed a little since then!!

One of the old houses we toured

In the main building in the old town, they had some stuffed animals and pelts you could touch. 

Kevin really liked the soft fox fur

When you entered the first building, there was this mini-town glassed in. It had a train inside that drove around and there was a list of things that you could try and find. The kids loved the train, while the adults enjoyed the scavenger hunt. 

One of the highlights of our trip was our 2 hour pontoon boat ride on Lake Dillon. It was so beautiful and relaxing.



Each of the grandkids had the chance to help Papa “drive” the boat. They thought it was pretty neat.

This was our view from the boat. There may have been snow on the mountain peaks, but it was plenty warm enough! 

Part of the gang relaxing and taking in some sun

Jaron and Auntie Lauren enjoying ourselves

Tasha and Grandma chillin

Nothing like s’mores on a boat!

Malika sporting a lifejacket. Is she not the cutest little niece ever?!

Pushpa, Christina and Julina 

Crazy Daddy and Kevin. What a view from Daddy’s shoulders!

More to come later……way too many pictures to post at once! =)










We’re Moving!!!! (again)

Luckily, it’s not to another city….just here in town. We took this 2 bdrm condo when we moved up here last year because it was basically all we could get and is REALLY close to Ammon’s work. It’s a nice place and we’ve liked it, but 980 sqft for 4 people is just TOO small. We could’ve managed until our lease was up in November, but with Annika on the way and all the baby stuff, in addition to the fact that 3 bdrm places at decent prices go like wildfire here….we decided to move now while there’s lots of selection. 

So, are you ready? We move into our new place……JULY 1st!!! That’s two weeks away, but we’re also going out of town for vacation Wed-Sat of this week….so yes, we are in fact, NUTS!!! I’m hoping that Annika will le us move and get somewhat settled and not make and unexpected appearances!!! 😉

The new place is well..new, like brand-new. It’s a 4bdrm, 3.5 bath townhome with a GREAT view of the mountains. It has a beautiful kitchen with granite counters and tons of cabinet space, stainless appliances and a gas stove. The 4th bdrm is in the basement with it’s own living space and bathroom. Ammon is super-excited to be able to park his car in the garage, but my favorite part (besides the insanely deep tub) is the two HUGE walk-in closets in the master bedroom! The new place is a little less than a mile from Ammon’s work, so he can ride his bike in the nicer weather and there’s a cute little park right next door. 

There won’t be many posts for a few weeks at least, so I apologize in advance, but I’m gonna be busy packing!!!

We can’t wait! =)

Roughin’ it!

We decided to return to the same spot that we went camping to last weekend. We only do one night camping trips since the kids usually go to bed a few hours later than normal, which means a little more whiny the next day! 

This time, our adventures included Ammon’s co-worker, his daughter and his girlfriend and her boys. We also had another family join us just for s’mores. It seemed a little more relaxing this time, probably because there were other kids for our kids to play with.

The kids slept better than last time and we set up our tent in a beautiful spot, nestled in the trees. This morning, we took a little hike down to a beautiful river. There were lots of yellow and purple wildflowers and I sat by the river for a while and enjoyed the peaceful scene, while the others crossed the river to explore a meadow. (I wasn’t about to attempt it, being so front heavy right now! I’d fall in for sure!!!)

Anyways, we had a fabulous time! Too bad, it’s probably my last this season since the next two weeks we’ll be busy with other things and then Annika will be only 4 weeks away.


Chow Time!!!!

The whole gang hanging out, enjoying our downtime.

Our hike this morning

An Annika sandwich!

The river I rested by

Ammon has been trying to educate the kids about wilderness safety: what do you do when you’re lost in the woods? Hug a tree! That way, people can find you!!! Tasha has it down. By far, my favorite picture we’ve taken this year!!!!

Good morning to me!

Yesterday wasn’t exactly a stellar day. Apparently, it was National Whining Day and someone forgot to tell me, because Kevin didn’t stop ALL DAY! I think he must have gotten something stuck in his ears too because he obviously couldn’t hear me all day long when I asked him to stop doing this, or please don’t touch that, how about we play with this instead…..The topper was taking an outing to some local shops to look for a birthday present. I thought it might be nice to get us all out of the house. This was until Kevin decided to break an $18.00 champagne flute! Let’s just say that his college fund that has yet to be started is $18 poorer. 

I hoped, prayed and crossed my fingers that today would be an easier, less crazy day. However, Kevin and Tasha woke me up this morning and I realized that no…today was NOT that day…See below and you’ll understand. 

No….it didn’t snow in our family room…those are mini-marshmellows. That’s only half of my family room in the picture. 


**Note: I’m sure this will be hilarious in a few months, hence the picture

Natasha….almost 4, going on 18!! And Kevin the clown.

I couldn’t resist posting Tasha and Ammon’s conversation from this afternoon….

Tasha: I have a boyfriend named Derek!

Daddy: You can’t have a boyfriend until you’re 18. How old are you?

Tasha: I’m almost 4.

Daddy: You have to wait until you’re 18.

Tasha: I’m 18 now! =)


Later with Kevin…..

Kevin was saying “…scary”…we thought he said “Kevin, scary.” 

Daddy: Is Kevin scary?

Kevin: Nooooooo, fun!

Daddy: Is Kevin fun?

Kevin: Noooooo.

Mommy: Is Kevin silly?

Kevin: Nooooo, own. (we weren’t sure what this meant, so I guessed….)

Mommy: Is Kevin a clown?

Kevin: Mmmhmmmmm! 

Ain’t that the truth!!

Camping in Eden

We had the BEST time camping this weekend! The aspen trees are finally all green and lush up in the mountains and we found the most incredible spot. It was a grassy surrounded by the tallest, greenest aspens. Someone had built a fire ring in the middle of the meadow and had hung a swing between two trees. It was so picturesque and although the pictures we took are pretty, they do NOT do it justice. 

Here’s our campsite all set up

The official tent-putter-upper

Tasha was excited to help Daddy put up the tent

Proud girl!

The cool swing. There is nothing like swinging under the trees with mountains all around you!

Kevin’s turn

Tasha’s turn

Ammon had to shovel some of the ashes out of the fire ring before starting our fire. Kevin wants to be just like his Daddy. He had a ton of fun with this shovel!

The kids were pretty thrilled when we said they could eat chips right out of the bag!

I LOVE this picture! The kids were waiting so patiently while Ammon was getting them marshmallows.

Poor Ammon was getting smoke in the face in this shot, but Tasha was really hamming it up for me.

I don’t know if you can tell in, but Tasha had marshmallow ALL over her face! 

There was just a sliver of a moon last night and I thought it looked really cool. Even cooler were the spectacular stars, planets and who knows else when I went outside in the middle of the night (nature calls!). I have never EVER seen a starry sky like the one there. We were only 15 miles from home, but there was no one around and once the moon set, it was like a planetarium.

Daddy making breakfast…well, hot chocolate!

Morning Kevin! Good morning indeedy…Mr. 5 am!

This is part of the view from our campsite

Ammon really liked the way Jack looked nestled against the aspens, so I took a picture just for him!

Daddy and his pals

Tasha was actually in time-out in this picture, but I thought she looked so sweet sitting amongst the flowers, picking them.

We can’t wait to do it all again next weekend!!!!!1



He said it!

We had a really fun evening tonight, probably because we spent it together as a family doing fun, random things. After chasing the kids around, we went outside and blew bubbles for them which they tried to pop. We noticed a neighbor on their patio and asked if their dog “Ed”, could come out and play too. He did come and play and run with Tasha and Kevin and they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! 

It seemed like a good night for a drive, so we took a drive up in the mountains and explored a road we’d never been on. We saw lots of horses and cows and a beautiful rushing river. Nothing like it. 

We ended our fun by stopping at the park to play. For any who didn’t know, Tasha is a great climber. She’s always been that way. Just really confident and has no fear, but she’s still careful (thank goodness!). So, she’s climbing up these metal bars to the top of the play structure and of course, Kevin wants to do it too. Kevin has great balance, but is not really a climber per say. Daddy kept a close eye on him and helped him up these bars quite a few times. Kevin was very pleased with himself every time he got to the top exclaiming, “Did it!”. One time he did it, I was cheering him and he suggested that I do it. I told him no, but he insisted and I told him I couldn’t right now…..and he says…..

“Mommy too big?” HA! Nice kid!!! It’s a good thing I didn’t take it personally! 😉 

One of those moments you want to pause

The kids drove me crazy (ok, mainly Kevin) all of last week until Amy got here and actually are currently driving me nuts as I write this….But then you have one of “those” moments…you know the ones. The ones that make you realize why you wanted to be a parent in the first place. The ONLY ones you hope you remember about your kids 20 years from now, instead of the ones where one of them is writing all over the walls, or playing in the toilet or impaling themselves with your mascara wand.

We read a story to the kids every night, followed by a prayer and then bed. Last night, Tasha decided that she wanted to read the book to Kevin. Ammon and I happily sat and watched, both being tired out. We’ve read this particular book so many times that although Tasha can’t read a word of it, she recited the whole thing to Kevin, almost verbatim. When she couldn’t think of exactly how the story went, she paraphrased. She held the book for Kevin to see the pictures and Kevin eagerly added his two cents to the story and well….it was a sweet, sweet moment for Ammon and I. They may fight like cats and dogs a lot, but they’re also best buddies and growing up so quickly!!!! 

Sunday Walk

We often will go on a walk on Sunday afternoon after dinner. We live in such beautiful surroundings and the kids love exploring outside on the walking path, even if all they see is a few ants or a groundhog or twenty (we have a lot of them around here!). I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the blue, hazy mountains yesterday, even though the picture doesn’t do it justice!