As of last week, our littlest is mobile! She’s all over the place now and thrilled about her new skill. In addition to crawling, she’s tried avocado, mango, bread, cheerios and chicken and thinks she’s big kid like her brother and sister. =)


Here’s Annika in action….this wood floor makes it a little difficult and she’s still figuring out the dress crawl


Posing for me on Mother’s Day! What a sweetie!

Summer-like weather

Yes, we have been savoring the blue skies and basking in the sun and taking as many opportunities as possible to enjoy our gorgeous weather! While Tasha was at school the other day, Kevin, Annika and I took a walk.


So, Kevin looks like something you’d see trick or treating and Annika looks like a turtle, but hey, I tried!

The Elephant in the Room

Except, our elephant is literal! Kevin has had his elephant since his first birthday. It was part of his present from his Great-Nana and Papa. We had gone to the Zoo and he picked out a toy. Well, elephant has really changed over the years from a plain ole toy, to a lovey that has gone everywhere, to a baby….We’re in the baby stage now.

Elephant cries, whines, eats, drinks a bottle, plays hide n seek, sits in the exersaucer, talks in a really high-pitched, nasal voice and the latest….anytime Kevin does something that someone doesn’t like and we try to reprimand him, the response is: “Oh, sorry Mom, it was Elephant. He’s just a baby, he doesn’t know.” (said with a chuckle). Mmmmhmmm, right….well, this baby elephant might be put up for adoption soon if he doesn’t clean up his act! 😉


See, look how smug he looks….his little grey smile…


Apparently, he’s also a thief! He’s wearing Mr. Potatohead’s glasses! The nerve!

Oh Baby!

In addition to Ma-ma and Da-da, Annika now says Ba-by! I was showing her a board book and kept repeating it over and over and not long afterwards, I heard her say “ba-by”! I was kind of shocked since our other two kiddos didn’t really say anything until they were about a year old or more.

If that wasn’t enough growing up for one week, Miss Annika is now mobile! She took her first little crawling moves on Sunday and has expanded her adventures the past two days, to exploring the family room. She’s so happy to be able to get the things she has her eyes on!

Little girl, growing up!

Her first little topknot! So cute, but so sad that she’s already old enough to have enough hair to do a ponytail. I really wanted a little bow to put on it, but didn’t have one small enough. I thought it was adorable anyways. Tasha thought it was pretty special that little sister was getting to be just like her!


She actually didn’t mind it, despite the lack of a smile. I’ll get one with the camera one day.


So sweet!

Too much play

Remember a few posts back, I posted some pictures of Kevin sleeping on the couch. He’s not taken naps for months now, but still gets awfully bushed in the afternoon and I frequently find him fallen asleep in awkward positions and NOTHING can wake him up.

Exhibit B:


It was easier than carrying him in the house…


We did have him upright when Ammon first brought him inside, but he kept doing the head-bob, so Ammon took pity on him and layed him down. Rough day, man! Talk about being able to sleep anywhere. Maybe he can teach me something! 😉

More Silly…

Ammon and I were in conversation in the kitchen, when we heard Annika laughing. We entered the family room, to find her like this:


You think she’d feel a little claustrophobic, but no…she thought this was hilarious!


See? Believe it or not, Tasha did this to Annika, not Kevin. Tasha is pretty high on the funny-scale, according to Annika.


Kevin and Tasha love to pick “flowers” for me from the grass outside. And by flowers, I mean dandelions. =) They’re so excited every time they bring me one. Their little faces just light up with glee as they proudly hand me their gift. Kevin has found some other uses for these beautiful flowers….


I cracked up when I found him walking around the house like this so nonchalantly….like, you know, it’s normal to have flowers in your ears.


Sorry it’s a little blurry, I was laughing when I took this. Doesn’t it kinda look like he jammed one flower all the way from ear through the other? Oh Kevin….


Ammon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Saturday (although Monday was the actual date). We haven’t had a date in a while, so this was a welcome opportunity to get out just the two of us. A friend had all three of our crazy kids from 9:30-3, while we enjoyed a day of lounging in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, eating Beau Jo’s famous mountain pizza pies and shopping for my new running shoes.

It was a beautiful bright, warm sunny day! I insisted that it was going to be 70 degrees and sunny since the week had been so cruddy for me. It was forecast to be 62 and rainy….but I got my wish! We spent an hour in the pools. At one point I was floating on my back, looking up at the blue skies, getting a foot massage (by Ammon) and I thought, I feel like I’m on vacation! It was a fabulous day, the best one in a long time and I’m so glad we went! It really is so true that if you work hard to keep each other happy and always think of the other person, your love can grow by leaps and bounds. I love Ammon so much more than the day I married him, which I never thought possible at the time.

Thanks Ammon for 7 AMAZING years and lots more to come! I love you!!!!!!!!! =)


Enjoying our 2-lb pizza YUM!!!!