Favorite Activities

Ring around the rosies

Reading books (especially Elmo for Tasha)

Watching movies (sadly)

Playing with balls; kicking and throwing, Kevin likes to play fetch! You throw it and he brings it back!!

Going to the pet store

Playing in the bath

Playing hide and seek

Being chased by Daddy

Singing songs like: the wheels on the bus, old macdonald, do as I’m doing, twinkle twinkle…..

Playing outside (Kevin especially likes playing with rocks)


Tasha’s fav. song is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. She can sing “twinkle, twinkle” and “ABC’s” and “The Itsy, Bitsy…’.

Kevin LOVES to sweep the kitchen

Tasha spends at least an hour total per day dressing her Snowy in different outfits, sometimes multiple ones.