Spring Break

We had a fun-filled spring break. The kids and I headed to Littleton to spend some time with Lee and Ellen and then with my best girl, Kylene.



Snuggles with Grandpa



Fun at the park



Sister snuggles



Watching the ducks and geese



Sweet Tomatoes for lunch! The kids have been here before, but they were too young to remember. They LOVED it! They ate and ate and ate and ate!

IMG_3551 IMG_3554


Our tour of Hammonds Candy Factory and of course, we took home some souvenirs.



Family Home Evening activity: bowling!



A fun day trip to Downtown: Union Station, Tattered Cover Book Store, a tour of a beautiful Catholic church, a walk through the Brown Palace hotel and a ride on the light rail.




Time to leave the park…certain people weren’t too happy with me

I started feeling a little crummy the day we were headed to stay with Kylene. When I got to Kylene’s, we packed up and enjoyed a busy day at the Museum of Nature and Science.

IMG_3563 IMG_3565







IMG_3576 IMG_3575 IMG_3572





Our guilty late-night pleasure…Oreo fudge caramel goodness!

It was a whirlwind visit, but it was so good to see the Mannings and Kylene and her family!


Every year our church congregation hosts a fundraiser for the youth to help offset costs for camp. There’s a silent auction which we all donate items too. I chose cupcakes, of course!

IMG_3505 IMG_3499


Strawberry Lemonade and Chocoholics Dream

Job from…..

March to June, I worked in the School kitchens as a cook. It was a “part-time” position, but really it was more like a full-time thing. It was exhausting and time consuming. I worked with two amazing ladies and two really negative, difficult ladies that it made it unbearable coming to work everyday. I was able to contribute a significant amount to our kitchen renovation and made a good friend in the process…



Eva and I having a little fun on St. Patricks Day.

So glad that I don’t have to work on a regular basis. I much prefer working in the home and being a Mommy!

Derby Days


Kevin made his very own car this year for the Pinewood Derby (cub scouts). He cut, sanded and decorated it. Ammon had to do the spray-painting because Kevin could put the button and spray, but not move the can at the same time!



Fancy car!



Getting ready to race the first heat…

IMG_8196 (1)


Having fun!

IMG_8203 (1)


All of the boys with their awards



Guess who placed First…again?! We decided to leave his car as a rectangular block next year and just add the wheels to give someone else a chance 😉 Kevin didn’t like our idea for some reason!



I was excited to do some cupcakes since it had been a while…not thrilled with how they turned out, but that didn’t stop the people from eating them. =)

Valentines Day!

I love to make Valentines Day special for the kids. We started with a super yummy breakfast of Lemon-Cream stuffed croissant baked french toast with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. Oh and bacon! I took the kids to the animal shelter to visit and we hit the local ice cream shop (probably my favorite place town!).

Dinner was the kids all-time favorite. Cupid’s Crazy Cafe. It’s one of those dinners where you don’t know what you’re ordering. I made sure to include what the kids told me were their favorite foods…cheeseburgers, mac n cheese and ramen. Oh and with tang and chocolate milk.

FullSizeRender 8

Even Rocky got dressed up for the occasion


FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 3


Cupid’s Cafe!

We ended the fun day by going over to our neighbors and listening to them play some awesome folk songs. There was a bass, fiddle, two guitars, a banjo and one amazing voice. Great day!


I made these super yummy muffins last weekend. Banana-berry Coconut Muffins (all whole wheat). They were super light, not dense like whole wheat can tend to be and full of flavor. We couldn’t stop eating them.



Next time instead of regular milk, I’m going to put in coconut milk. Yum!



You think cats are sun-worshippers? This girl has got them beat! She finds the sun wherever it is in the house and just basks in it! Sometimes it’s a little bright though….

FullSizeRender 5


This is what Natasha was doing while I was in the hygenist’s chair having my teeth cleaned. Annika was the photographer!



I was subbing at the middle school last week and it was about 55F and sunny. I had over an hour for lunch. I just sat outside and drank it in! I never get tired of those mountains!



Cocoa discovered bugs the other day. She was fascinated! She watches intently….



Then…she squishes them. Then she plays with them. Then she watches them. Then she squishes them some more. lol



Meet Ruby!

No, we didn’t get another animal or have another child! (thank goodness! the ones I have are enough…animals and kids!). We traded in our Suburban for this little beauty and she’s awesome! Lots of fun bells and whistles, but most of all, I love the way she drives and she’s very spacious.

IMG_8874 IMG_8866


Anyone who knows me, knows that red is one of my favorite colors, so it’s not shocking that I picked red. What is surprising, is that Ammon has a red car and now we’re a double red car family!



The kids are always excited for the snow, but sad because our snow is so light and fluffy, it’s next to impossible to make a snowman. Fortunately for them, we had TONS of snow in December and after some sunny days, they were able to make this cute little guy.


Puppy snuggles!


This is Skunky. He is one of Cocoa’s favorite toys. And no, we didn’t pose him this way. Cocoa put him like that. I’ve found him like this numerous times. Apparently, skunks get thirsty too! ;0


Annabelle squished herself into this box that was definitely way smaller than her!


Meet Skeletor. Kevin’s frogs died. We think it was temperature related. So, I found this cool skeleton fish.



The girl knows how to pose.


Happy New Year?

IMG_3353 IMG_3354


This is how we celebrated! 7 layer dip and tray full of goodies. The kids had their own little movie party, complete with their own food and smaller tray of goodies, while Ammon and I celebrated with a Harry Potter Marathon. We were supposed to have two couples over to celebrate with us, but it didn’t pan out. We missed them, but were totally ok to spend time together.