Happy Birthday to Tasha…officially a teenager!!!!! (13)

Well, this one came like I knew it would, but it was still a little surreal. How can we have a teenager?! How did I blink and have our baby become this beautiful, sweet, organized, stubborn, teenager? 

Tasha’s birthday breakfast request: Chocolate croissant and strawberries. We bought her a desk back in the spring, which was technically her birthday present, so we just got her some goodies that she loves. Ammon was working, but we still found a way to make him part of the photo πŸ˜‰

Tasha’s request for her birthday: go to Ridgway. Well, we went to Ouray instead because there isn’t really anywhere to stay in Ridgway. Our friends were out of town that weekend…But since Ouray is my favorite place on the planet…I wasn’t complaining!

In all the years we lived in the area, we’d never been up to Cascade Falls. It’s a short walk up a long hill in Ouray. Worth seeing. It was lovely!

We played like tourists in Ouray and spent a lot of time with these gals. Phoebe and Lily have been the kindest, most loving friends to Tasha, that a girl could ever have. They also happen to have birthdays two weeks before Tasha’s and two weeks after, respectively, so a giant party was in order. We went to the new Montrose rec. center and swam our little hearts out. Then, we came back to eat a feast and open gifts.

This is part of the motel property at which we were staying. Annika and I took some time to sit outside and enjoy it. 


Summer Adventures

The kids and I took a short trip to Denver to check out the Denver Museum of Dolls and Miniatures. It was in an old 19th century home, full of tiny toys. My favorites were the dollhouses of course. I would’ve loved a dollhouse like these as a girl. It was fun to check it out and do something different.

Because he just had to know if he could fit. LOL


These were FANTASTIC! Tasha likes to bake every once in a while and decided to try out these strawberry-buttermilk scones and wow! So delicious!

There’s a great park not far from us that has a small river that runs through it, a little train and a petting zoo. I decided to take the kids one afternoon so we could enjoy it all. To my surprise, Kevin and Annika spent hours just playing in the river. They didn’t even bother with the other stuff! I love it when they just enjoy the simple things. Makes a Mama-heart happy!


Hot Fun in the Summertime

Starting with Rocky because, he’s just cute! He enjoyed a doggie ice-cream bowl from Good Times and boy did he have a good time….oh yes, I just did.

Family Home Evening Activty: Go to Dairy Queen! Yes!!!

Pretty little ladies, all ready for church!

Taking a ride on their “horses”

Happy Birthday dear Rocky (or Rock-etta?)….

We did a cousin-swap for a few days and we had the boys! We had a fun weekend of nerf wars, swimming, bowling and movies. It was pretty fun time and I just adore these nephews of mine. I’m so glad that Kevin has some awesome boys in his life since he’s surrounded by mostly girls at home πŸ˜‰

I took the kids to a local splash park to enjoy a picnic and some time to cool off. They didn’t have any fun at all!




Photo-Heavy Update

Well, I pretty much failed at our family blog posting in 2017, but better late than never. In all honesty, I don’t know that many people look at the blog much anymore, so it’s really more for our reference. 


Ammon and I and some friends attended an incredible musical performance called “The Lamb of God”. It’s a combination chorale and orchestra and they present the most beautiful oratorio about the last month or so of the Savior’s life. There are 5 vocal soloists representing Peter, James & John and then Mary & Martha. A cello represents the Saviors voice. I’ve never heard anything like it.

Date night at a Brazilian bowl restaurant and Beauty & the Beast while the kids are at their cousins for the weekend. 

Beautiful signs of spring

Watching General Conference together. A moment where sisters actually love each other πŸ˜‰

Decorating easter eggs with our adorable and spunky Sister missionaries (Sister Peterson and Sister Cardoza). Love these girls!!!

As if our own doggie isn’t enough, we have to get our puppy fix at Petco when they have adoption events. Just because, well, they’re puppies!!! Do we need more reason than that?!

The girls love to walk over to ARC thrift store and Once Upon A Child (consignment) and spend their money. Annika found this darling romper and wore it all summer long!

Date night…uh, afternoon! We had a gift card to spend, so spend it we did. We managed to get three dates out of one $50 gift card for Hacienda Colorado. This is just two appetizers!!!

Speaking of dates, Kevin and I enjoyed a fun afternoon playing mini-golf and having lunch together. =) I love my boy!

I think the boys must have been at a campout of something, ’cause this night, it was just us gals. We did all things girlie: watched The Princess Diaries, had our water in fancy glasses, ate caramel popcorn, veggies with dip, fruit and maracons! Yum!


This is the face you make when you have a blizzard in May. Yuck!



March Update-Part 2

This guy was pooped after working 16 hour days for three weeks. Daddy’s girl took advantage of his napping for a snuggle.

Who needs to go to California or Arizona to vacation in the warmth? Not us Coloradans! We basked in the sunshine and 70 & 80 degree weather for most of the month and it was heavenly. 

I decided that the kiddos needed a wider repertoire of culinary skills. We’re going to work on that. They can make mac n cheese and grilled cheese and Tasha can make a few more things…So, here’s Kevin trying out his pancake-making skills. He did it all himself, start to finish.

Here’s our own little tiny dancer. She didn’t love ballet, but does love to dance. We’ve enrolled her in a combined dance class in April that integrates jazz, hip-hop, ballet and lyrical dance. I think she’ll love it!

This is Cindy Lou-hoo’s older, more beautiful sister Tashy Boo-boo. Isn’t she a doll?! πŸ˜‰

March Update

The month of March was a lovely summer surprise. We enjoyed summer weather most of the month; taking advantage of it with lots of walks & visits to the dog park. The kids went for bike rides, played at the closest park and looked for garter snakes.

I was cleaning out the back of my car (which desperately needed it, as you can see) and Rocky decided that we were going for a ride. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t what he thought…but he stubbornly decided to stay put while I cleaned 

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a rainbow in the clouds like this…it wasn’t an arc shape and didn’t touch the ground. It was just like a rainbow cloud. It was THE coolest thing!

Free pancake day at IHOP. We had an early dinner

This girl is the only one who finished her giant stack of pancakes!!!

One Friday night, we hit Ikea for dinner and some fun. After dinner, Annika hung out in the kids play center while the older two walked through the showroom with us. They oo-ed and ah-ed over all the fun furniture and things they saw.

Tasha found her dream bedroom! A huge california king bed; all in white and turquoise. 

A Mommy-daughter date to the Container Store, Pet Smart and to get her ears re-pierced. Tasha hadn’t been to the Container Store before and was in her organizing glory. She loves, loves, loves to organize things and couldn’t get enough of all the pretty matching containers and such. Fun day!

Yay Tasha! Too bad I was in the midst of planning a big church activity that day and totally forgot about the ceremony! Thankfully, a friend texted me a photo of Tasha with this certificate and I hurried my booty over to the school and took Tasha out for frozen yogurt to celebrate.

We tried a local place. Yum! I veered away from my usual chocolate-y choices and went tropical with a caramelized pineapple and coconut yogurt topped with fruit. It was pretty amazing.



Dr. Seuss Week

Kevin & Annika had Dr. Seuss week at their school, in honor of the late quirky author. One day you were to wear red or blue, another a hat, etc.

This was mismatched day. I think she has it down! So fun!

February Update

February was full of fun! We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a yummy, indulgent breakfast:

Chocolate-chip  pancakes (white flour) with whipped cream, strawberries and BACON!!! Yum! 

In the evening, I made homemade chili-mac, which the kids all love and we rushed off to see “Trolls” at the local dollar theater.

Tasha’s best friends, Phoebe & Lily came to visit for an evening in a crazy snowstorm. I claim them as my other two daughters! They’re kindest, most loving, fun girls and they fit right into our silly family. (case in point: the photo above)

For Christmas, we bought the kids these Chick-fil-A calendars which include a card that allows you one specified free item at their restaurant each month. One morning we took the kids for breakfast and they enjoyed their yogurt parfaits and played in the play area, which they had all to theirselves.


My Christmas present from Ammon was a gift card to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant I’ve wanted to try for 12 years! We went a week after Valentines Day and were not disappointed. Above is the incredible bacon, jalapeΓ±o, gruyere fondue; one of the four courses that we indulged ourselves in. Seriously, this place is a dining experience not to be missed. 

At the end of the month, the kids had a blast with their cousins who came to stay with us for the weekend. There was lots of electronics and crafting going on. I’m so glad we live closer enough for these sweet kids to get together. They have so much fun!


Happy New Year 2017

The day Mom left, my Dad came to visit for a few days. We made the most of our visit with breakfast at a local diner, shopping for the kids Christmas presents (from their AZ Papa!) and playing lots of games. Oh, and eating. Oh and did I mention….eating!

There were also pillow fights, tickle fights and an epic hour-long nerf-gun war that helped us wear off all that food πŸ™‚

Such a fun visit! So glad you came Dad!

Merry Christmas 2016

Mom joined us for 8 days and we had lots of fun baking and shopping and playing.



We didn’t have any fun at all!

Tackle Santa!

The perfect gift for this Mama! 4 lbs of Belgian dark chocolate-yes please!!!

Even Rocky was festive and loved being a part of the celebration

What a hot Santa!

Group hug! (Kevin is in there somewhere;) ) This was a thank you for all the fun Canadian food Grammy brought for us to enjoy.