Summer Update-California

Yes, I know. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. The past six months have been full of moving, updating our house and normal life activities. Let’s start back in May.

We went to California for Julina and Nathan’s wedding and to visit with Ammon’s Grandma.


We rented a condo for the week since I was making Julina and Nathan’s cake. I needed a kitchen to myself. We stayed at Birdrock in San Diego. This obviously, is Bird Rock.


Ammon’s sisters and their families and some of Nathan’s family (the Groom) joined us at Disneyland for the day. So fun!

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain


Us, with the cute couple!

Bride and Groom

The “Naked” cake. Two tiers were lemon, one was chocolate and all had cream cheese icing. I had never made a naked cake before, so this was new to me.


Sunset at the beach. So pretty!


Aren’t we cute? Too bad the wind and my hair didn’t mix.


Faces only a Mother could love! Annie loves her Uncle Arvin!


One of our favorite ladies! Grandma B was 102 in this picture and we were so honored to have visited with her for the third time in 5 years. Each time, we assumed it would be our last.


Spring Break

Yes, I know..No posts in two months. That’s because all I’ve been doing is working on getting this silly house ready to sell. We really haven’t done much at all! We also haven’t taken any pictures because we haven’t been doing anything!

However, Spring Break was just a few weeks ago and despite my not feeling well, we took a quick trip out of town to visit the Grandparents and some friends.


Pre-trip snuggles with our big lap doggie. Is 75 lbs too big to be a lap dog? Hmmm


Tasha had to make the cinnamon rolls for general conference this year because Mom wasn’t feeling so hot. She did a great job! Every (but me) enjoyed them. =)

Ok, onto Spring Break photos:


We went to the Butterfly Pavillion (finally) and met some critters other than butterflies! This is Rosie the Tarantula that Annika is holding.


This part of the facility was my favorite. You walk into a rainforest, with different colored butterflies fluttering everywhere! I could’ve stayed there all day (had I felt better).

IMG_4612 2

Yes, that butterfly is real!

IMG_4609 2

And this one too!




This is the Owl butterfly, of which there seemed to be many.


The owl butterflies really liked Lee. Maybe they know he likes birds and since they’re “owl” butterflies….?


18 free Krispy Kreme donuts for getting A’s on their report cards.
Yes, Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts for A’s…take your report card (or your kids report card in today!)


We took our donuts to visit my bestie from college, Kylene and her honey, Jeremy and their kiddos. I was finally feeling better at this point, so we got some good visiting in.

Kevin enjoyed his little techy shadow, Isaac! Isn’t he cute?!


The kids needed to run off some steam, so we hit the park.  They played hard, while we chatted and chatted and chatted.


Another day, we took the kids to the coolest park in Castle Rock. They had contraptions to play on that I’ve never seen and the kids could’ve played all day.



So while I started out our trip wondering why on earth I was going, we all ended up having a super time and I’m back to my normal self. Yay!


Kevin’s Obscene/Inappropriate Kindergarten Poem

Hmmm…what do they teach these kids at school anyways? Kevin came across a poem he wrote in Kindergarten and the more we read it, the funnier it became!

Just for the record, Kevin didn’t know what a beer was in Kindergarten and I’m about 99% positive that his teacher didn’t proof-read it!


In case the font is too small for your eyes…

“A Moos is big like a beer

W with his oms in the eer.

A Moos is sloe like a snank,

He like to swim in the lank.

A Moos ets his weed like a rabit

hel ets a scrabt.

A Moos is steek like a skunk,

and the skunk, smell y like a plunk.

A Moos is jentl like a penes side,

and Moos ceride.”

WOW! Spell-check did not like that poem of Kevin’s! But I hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Thankfully, Kevin is a good sport and understands that everyone comes up with some interesting things in Kindergarten =)

February Fun…so far


This was one of my favorite storybooks from my childhood that I saved for my kids. My parents always did voices for each character, so naturally, I’ve continued the tradition!


Maple-Bacon cupcakes: Maple spice cake with maple cream buttercream and maple-glazed bacon. Ammon and I were headed to a couples valentines dinner at church and we had chosen a mystery ingredient ahead time. I unknowingly picked maple and had always wanted to try out this flavor combo. Let’s just say, I’ll be making them again! I had person after person come up to me and rave about them!

January Catch-Up!

January was relatively uneventful. I spent most of my time fixing up things around the house to get it all prepped to sell. Ammon worked and studied…par for the course!

Not to say we didn’t have any fun though =)


Poor Rocky, trying to veer off the trail to be the leader! He quickly learned to stay in our tracks!


Ammon and I went snowshoeing twice this month. We had a few major snowstorms, which accumulated the snow up to about three feet in some places. Let’s just say we got a good workout breaking trail!

New Girl!



In one day, after a haircut and glasses, we got a new and improved, Annika! Of course, there was nothing wrong with the Annika we had before…except she couldn’t see super well to read. We think she’s pretty cute!

Oh, and the poses…all her!



These are roads at about 6 am the morning after Christmas..We were planning to head to Littleton for Julina’s engagement party, but we had gotten over a foot of snow and didn’t want to deal with accidents and delays. So, we left at 2:30AM!



Rocky was pretty cramped at the kids feet, so he was pretty thrilled to take a break on Mom’s lap. All 75lbs of him =)


Now, THAT’S a plate of nachos! The girls chowing down at Casa Bonita.



We had a great three day mini-vacation with the Mannings/Narayans. We fit a lot in a short time too. We went to Julina and Nathan’s Party, went shopping, to see the new Star Wars movie, had some girls time/boys time and my favorite, all three couples stayed up and talked till almost the wee hours of the morning! SO FUN!



Yes, we all froze our behinds off, but it had been a long time since ALL of us had been together, so we had to get a photo!





First ones up on Christmas morning!






Sister snuggles



What a hot Santa!



Someone was happy with his glow in the dark Star Wars shirt



And her with her new watch!



We had plans to get dressed for our nice Christmas dinner, but we just didn’t feel like it =)

Christmas Eve



We always have Christmas Eve at our house, but this year, the weather disagreed! So at 4pm, with 5 or 6 inches of snow on the icy roads, we packed everything up and headed to Moms.



It was so cozy and fun for all!



Snow doggy!


Let it snow!!!!


We rarely get to make a good snowman here, the snow is usually so dry. We were all pretty stoked about this cute guy we made!


Rocky made a friend! Isn’t he cute? We named him “Chubby”!





Our gentle giant! He was very fascinated by his chubby friend.