Playtime at the Park

After enduring weeks of single-digit temperatures, the kids and I have been thrilled with our scorching 30 and 40 degree days! One night after work, we all went to the park and the kids were in paradise playing on all the structures after months of not being able to.


Kevin decided it was the most fun to throw big hunk of snow down this tire tunnel! Watch out below!!!!


Kevin thought it was almost as much fun if we threw big chunks of snow at him below too.


Ammon and I were so bushed after all that playing. We decided to use our chauffeurs to take us home. =)

Mountain Monkeybusiness

It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday, that Ammon decided we should venture up in the mountains for a picnic and some playtime. At first, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of wearing snowpants and all the snow-garb because it’s been so nice and mild here lately and I was enjoying wearing only a light jacket! Once we got up there and I realized how warm it was outside, I was excited! We set up a tarp and blanket on the snow for our little picnic and sat down to enjoy. It was so warm, I sat on the blanket with only my coat on, no other snow stuff!!

The kids didn’t eat much before they got distracted by the untouched snow. The trick was staying on top of the snow and not sinking in it. It was about 4 feet deep, but fairly hard on top. The kids were fine most of the time, but we had to be careful. If Ammon or I took steps that were too hard or too big, we’d sink in up to our thigh!


This is Jack parked on the side of the road. You can see from this picture how deep the snow is!


Here are the kids after playing, finishing their lunch and basking in the sun


The view from our picnic spot


Here’s Tasha doing some “controlled sledding” (Daddy holding onto the rope and letting the sled slide down the hill and then pulling her back up)


Kevin spent 99% of his time eating the snow. At one point, I asked him if the snow was good and he responded with a hearty “MMMMMMHMMMMMM”!!

Family Home Evening

Every Monday night, we have family night. We call it “Family Home Evening”. We have a song, prayer, short lesson, game or activity and then a treat. Tasha is starting to ask for family home evening a lot more often than just once a week! Tonight we did a lesson about Temples. The kids really enjoyed seeing our wedding photos which had the Denver Temple in the background. For our activity, we used playdough to make Temples. The kids had a lot of fun. Check out their creations below!


Tasha concentrating on her masterpiece


Tasha pleased with the outcome


The artist at work


The finished Temples. Aren’t they lovely?

Just being kids

I’ve had some of these photos for about a month and hadn’t gotten around to posting them, so here they are!


Daddy had just taken a shower and was putting on a t-shirt and they asked for Daddy shirts too!


no reason for this photo, just my boy being cute!


Tasha and Kevin came out of their room with their hats on like this and since they rarely actually wear their hats, I thought I’d better take a picture!


I know this is blurry, but I couldn’t resist posting it! Tasha often goes and gets her headbands and puts them on herself. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but she doesn’t know that! 😉


I laughed for a long time when I caught Tasha “reading” Ammon’s Calvin n Hobbes while doing her business. She won’t be happy with me later in life for this photo, but oh well!

Another Cute Tasha Moment

Ammon took Tasha to Costco yesterday to pick up some things, while Kevin and I stayed home. It was warmer than it has been for quite a while and so the car was hot when Tasha got inside.

Tasha: Daddy, why is Mommy’s car hot?

Daddy: The sun made it hot.

Tasha: Daddy, the sun was in here????!!

And then there were 5….

For those who hadn’t heard, we’re expecting baby #3 in July (31st)!! We will officially become a family of 5! Crazy!! We’re very excited and can’t wait to meet our new arrival, although we glad we still have 6 more months for Tasha and Kevin to mature a little too!! 😉 As it stands now, we’re probably not finding out the gender of the baby beforehand, so prepare for a surprise.

I’ve been rather uncomfortable with the un-fun first trimester usuals until the past week. I can now report, that I’m feeling pretty good and my energy is back!

Kevin doesn’t really get what’s going on, but Natasha is very excited and hoping that the baby is a girl. She loves to sit and talk to me about all the things that she’s going to do with (Annika, if it’s a girl) and all the baby things we’re going to need to get.

We’ll keep you posted!
Baby #3

Funday Monday!

Ammon, Tasha and Kevin have had viruses since last week, so the weekend was kind of a drag and Ammon wasn’t his usually cheery self. He had today off since it’s Martin Luther King Day, so we decided to try and plan something fun. We put our heads together and came up with lots of ideas.

First, we ate lunch at Costco and then attempted to watch some planes land at the local airport. Maybe because it was a holiday, we didn’t see any, so we stopped at the airport and looked at the planes instead. Kevin thought that was ok. We also found a great sledding hill in progress too. (we didn’t try it out today though). After that, we came home and spent some quality time with Tasha playing games, etc. Finally, after dinner, we all made cookies together and watched a movie.

Nothing super out of the ordinary, but it just made for a fun family day!!! =)

More Sledding!!

As planned we headed up to Yeoman Park this morning. After a brief lunch in the back of Jack Ammon headed out to break trail. There was about 4 feet of snow there. It took him about 15 minutes to crawl over to where we decided to sled. (If you stand up you sink down about 3 feet)

He also broke the sled run and a trail to walk back up to the top. While Ammon and I really enjoyed sledding down the hill Kevin was more interested in eating huge chunks of snow and Natasha had a blast throwing herself around. Luckily the kids were light enough that they didn’t sink very far at all.

Enjoy the pics!

Tasha Walking
Natasha working her way through the packed path

Tasha Falling
Natasha almost to the top of the hill!

Kevin eating snow
Kevin eating an early lunch

The Crew
Everyone enjoying the deep snow

The Sled Run
The sled run

Kevin Baby

So, I wish that I had stopped and taken a photo to go with this post, but because of other goings-on at the time, I didn’t. You’ll have to use your imagination. I couldn’t find Kevin just before naptime, and discovered that our bedroom door was locked. I unlocked it to find the humidifier on and Kevin laying on his back in the baby bassinet!!!! All 30 pounds of him!!! =) He looked so happy with himself too, that he’d put himself down for a nap!!!!