Cuto the Dog and Donald the Goose

Our local grocery store recently stopped renting movies, which we were pretty sad about. The bonus though, was that they were selling all of their movies for pennies. We picked up a Donald Duck DVD and a Mickey Mouse one as well. Tasha keeps forgetting their real names and has been talking my ear off about “Cuto” the dog and Donald the “goose”. hee hee It cracks me up every time she says it.

Christmas 2007

Here’s a whole slew of Christmas photos that were taken at the Mannings. As you can tell, the kids had bunches of fun playing together and were sad when the fun had to end. Tasha was really excited to get a lot of girly things like her lipgloss and her pink princess clothes. Kevin’s personality is really starting to show in photos….as you’ll see below.



Tasha loved this Nativity set that Lee and Ellen had. The best part was that she was allowed to touch the pieces in this one!


Kevin always wants “his turn” having his photo taken


Catching up on some reading…he liked the sports equipment and hunting magazines….


Kevin Claus with his beard!


Once the Narayans arrived, the fun really started! Jaron did a little surfing over Christmas


Uncle Ammon giving a ride to Malika; a.k.a. Miss. Photogenic


Arvin entertaining the rascals


Peekaboo, we see you Jaron!!!!


Posing for the camera, again!


Arvin, where’d you go?


Auntie Julina, playing hair stylist


Just a cute smiley Tasha-girl


Arvin and his boy, Ethan


Jaron being attacked-watch out!!!!


Did you say my name, Papa?


Auntie Christina and Jaron


Auntie Christina and her girl, Malika


Malika really dug the sparkling apple cider. She got her whole face in the glass! Can you blame her?


Kevin saying thank you to Ethan for his gift.


Kevin on Christmas morning, ripping open a present.


Lika with her first babydoll. She was pretty excited about it!


Tasha’s first watch (a Dora watch!). She kept it on all day!


Tasha really enjoyed her lipgloss too, as you can see from her face. =)


Caught ya!



Our friend Leslie moved to Boulder, Co and stopped in to visit Christmas morning. We had fun catching up.


Best buds, enjoying their new toys.


Da, da-da, dA-da, Inspector Jaron…


My cheesy boys; aren’t they cute!?


Captain Arvin Sparrow


Ethan Claus


Jaron Claus

(We had a lot of members of the Claus family visit!)

Back From The City

We headed down to Denver Friday afternoon to do some maintenance on our rental property. (The 10 year old water heater decided it had done enough work.) Ammon and Lee replaced it while I went shopping with the kids Saturday morning. That night we headed over to the Hillan’s for a yummy dinner!

After dinner Ammon and I went on a date to Fat City and played video games for a couple hours. It was a blast!

Unfortunately living up in the mountains we get a lot of snow. While we were in town it snowed over a foot up in Eagle. Needless to say the drive home wasn’t the greatest. Although there were a couple spots where we could see wet pavement and a few places we could see more than 50 feet in front of us! Aside from those few places, the drive home was slow going. Thank goodness Ammon isn’t too bad of a driver in the snow! Although I think it helped a lot driving our Jeep. 🙂

Here is a picture of our minivan taken a couple minutes ago. I’m not looking forward to cleaning it off!
Jill in the snow


The kids went sledding for the first time in their lives today! We wanted to go this morning, but by 9:00 AM it was only -11 degrees (F) outside. So we waited until after Kevin’s nap to go. By 2:00 it had already warmed up to a nice and toasty 7 degrees! We took a quick drive to the local elementary school where all the kids go sledding. Unfortunately the batteries in the camera were too low so we only got one picture of Natasha having fun.
Tasha Sledding

Sunday Best

The kids got some nice outfits for Christmas from my Dad and they both wore them to church today, although Kevin was a little rumpled by the time we took the picture. He really wanted to be in the photo though. He kept saying, “My turn!”.


I think this has to be my new favorite photo of them together!


Tasha smiling pretty

Future Missionary

When the missionaries for our church choose to go on a mission, they have to save up thousands of dollars themselves for their flight, housing, and of course all the normal things like hygiene stuff, etc. However, the members of the church take care of their dinners, so we get a chance to sign up and have them to dinner if we’d like.

We had the missionaries to dinner about a month ago and they had so much fun with the kids. Kevin thought it was pretty neat that he got to wear one of the Elder’s tie and nametag…though he wasn’t so happy about his picture being taken.


This is what happens when you don’t have a brother!

We went to K-Mart a few weeks ago and the lady at the checkout gave Tasha a pretty tiara, which Tasha wore everywhere we went that day. When we got home however, a new monarchy took over….

Prince Kevin.JPG

Announcing….his highness Prince Kevin!

Tasha also got a purse for Christmas that she thinks is pretty neat. Apparently, Kevin does too!


Words straight from the horses mouth…

The other night Tasha and I were headed to the grocery store and we had a conversation that went like this:

Tasha: Mom, sometimes I have boogies in my nose.
Me: Ya, that happens to everyone sometimes.
Tasha: I use a kleenex.
Me: That’s good.
Tasha: We eat food, Kevin eats his boogies.

A few days ago Tasha said another funny thing that would only be funny to you if you knew how Pro-Macintosh computers we are. Tasha got a Leappad for Christmas (it’s a base that comes with books that you use a special pen and it teaches letters, reading, sounds, plays games, etc). Well, her Leappad was on top of the fridge with another small toy on top of it, taken away because the kids were fighting over it. It’s a day after I took the toy away and Tasha says: “Mommy, can you please get my toy down off my Macbook?” =) The things kids say!!!

Run, Run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me….I’m the gingerbread man!

Saturday was a really fun day. We spent the whole day just playing with the kids and having fun! Ammon made a huge fort for the kids to play in (I included Ammon in “kids”)  that stretched the entire length of our family room. I was busy making gingerbread dough so the kids could decorate their first gingerbread house. I think the kids ate as much candy as they put on the house, but they had a great time doing it.

Fort Final.jpg

Ammon’s creation, pretty impressive, I thought.

Fort .jpg

Kevin n Tasha happily playing in Daddy’s little playhouse

making gingerbread house.jpg

All this candy, how do I choose?

Daddys kids.jpg

The decorators, ready for hire!