Mail Call!!

Tasha loves to help Mommy get the mail (and open it too!), but she’s not quite tall enough to reach the box by herself. She sure tries hard though!

mail call1.jpg

Faking it

I told Kevin to smile and I got this cheesy grin instead of a real smile, but it was so cute, I couldn’t resist posting it! His first fake smile….

faking it.jpg

Smile Big, Kevy!

Potty Triumph!!!

Not only has Natasha not had a single accident in 3 or 4 weeks, but last night while in the bathroom, Kevin said “Pee-pee” and pointed to the toilet. I doubted he would go, since I’m not even considering potty-training him yet, but sat him on the throne anyways. And what do ya know?! He went!!!! =) Hence the reason he’s not wearing shorts in the shoe photos!

Somewhere over….

Because we get lots of thunderstorms in the summer, along with plenty of sunshine, rainbows seem to be pretty abundant here. Here’s a recent one that was a full rainbow, incredible color, not justified by the photo, but is still beautiful.



Well, our garden this year was a late-bloomer, so to speak. We didn’t get anything until a few weeks ago. And now, well….I’ll let the picture tell the story! Let’s just say we have certain things coming out of our ears!


Take a page out of Tasha’s book!

I’ve previously written about how “motherly” our little 3 year-old is, well I guess compassion is a quality required of mothers or motherly behavior, so the shoe fits….I was feeling under the weather last week with a cold and needed to lay down and rest for a while. While I was putting a movie on for Tasha, she asked me where I would be napping. After I went upstairs to rest, I found that a sweet little someone had placed a pillow in just the right spot on the couch for me to rest my head on. =)

The best example of all came on Monday when Ammon was upset that a heavy-duty shop-type lamp of his had broken. Tasha said, “Daddy’s light is broken?” He replied in the affirmative and she promptly responded…”Tasha will keep her panties dry all week so Mommy will take her to the store (to get a reward) and then I’ll have Mommy buy you a new light, ok?” I heard this second-hand from Ammon, but even then, I got a little teary hearing of the great compassion that Tasha had for her Daddy especially at such a young age.

These are frequent occurences with Tasha who just cares so much about others! =)

New Member of our Family!!!

The time has come to welcome a new member to our family. Rusty (our 1987 Toyota 4Runner) decided to move on to greener pastures. No longer will he require so much time and money to keep on the road.

On August 24, 2007 we are proud to announce that ‘Jack’ has joined our family. He is the dream child we always wanted: 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Our other two children love playing in him, and he has proven his potential when I took him 4x4ing up Spring Creek trail last Saturday morning.

Oh, and did I mention how much fun he is?!


Adventures in child-rearing

Last night, I had both kids in the bathroom while I was preparing to cut Kevin’s hair. I had just sat him on the counter when I saw Tasha fall out of the corner of my eye. She screamed like I’d never heard her scream before and saw that she’d fallen between the tub and toilet and had sort of bent in half, obviously bumped her head. My guess was that she’d been standing on the toilet to get something out of the basket of bath things that sit on the toilet tank and lost her balance. I picked her up to console her and to my horror, found blood all over my hand when I pulled it away! =( We took her to the ER that is just down the street and they gave her two staples to close the wound. She was such a trooper, hardly crying at all, despite the fact that she had nothing to numb the stapling. They had us in and out in about 40 minutes and even gave the kids a toy each to take home. Sigh…… two trips to the ER this year for Tasha…I decided I don’t wanna go again unless we’re visiting a friend who’s had a baby or something!

Other than getting up once in the night to tell us that her head hurt, she’s handled it great. No pain all day today!