Quiet time

Tasha got these wooden beads and strings from Grandma and Papa Manning for Christmas a year ago, but didn’t quite get the concept of them until recently. I showed her how to string them and make a necklace and it’s her favorite new thing to do! The best part is, she concentrates so hard while doing it and is as quiet as a mouse.



I’m sad to report that the Manning household is full of a bunch of sickos! hee hee Tasha and Kevin have a nasty cold, though Kevin is much worse than her. I’m starting to feel it coming on as well, but I’m determined not to get it! Tasha has been really sweet to her brother when he’s sad, bringing him a toy or a book, and patting his back when he coughs, saying, “Kevin, ok?” and giving him kisses on his head. It’s pretty cute to see.

Its bright outside!

Natasha found an extra pair of sunglasses and decided it was too bright inside.  I don’t think there was that much sunlight, but with all the camera flashes going off, I’m sure she was glad to have them on!

After the first December storm

This is our house about mid-Dec. You can see how much snow we had by the size of the pile of snow beside the driveway.


Here’s our little snowbunny all ready to play outside in the winter wonderland

Ammon made a path through the 2 1/2 foot piles of snow for Tasha to walk through

Sure, she was freezing, but she had a great time!

Mommy’s Little Helper

Tasha really has grown up to be Mommy’s little helper. It’s usually of her own doing, since at this age, if you ask her to do something, she doesn’t want to! She still helps me empty the dishwasher, but also likes to put away clean clothes, help Kevin walk down the stairs, make dinner, grocery shop….the list goes on. One of her favorites is to help feed Kevin, as you see above! This was her feeding Kevin three bowls (count em, three! ok, they were small bowls) of cereal yesterday morning.


Tasha’s New Skill

The other day, I was trying to teach Tasha how to catch a ball. I was giving her the usual instructions; hold out your arms like this, etc, etc, not expecting her to do it because most kids her age can’t catch. She did it!!! She caught the ball three or four times in a row. Granted, it was a soccer ball size, not a baseball or anything, but we were still proud of her! (now we need to teach her to keep her eyes open!)
Great balls o' fire!

Ammon’s life of late

As most of you know, Ammon has been busy working two jobs lately. He’s continuing to work at FirstBank as a Software Engineer, and just last month, started his second job as a college professor! He’s teaching an Intro to Multimedia Design class at a local community college. So far, he’s loving it, though it definately takes a lot of work since he has had to totally develop his own lesson plans, labs, projects, etc. I think he finds it rewarding and likes the challenge of doing something different.

The department chair at the college has already proposed the idea of him teaching in the Fall ( a different class, on video editing). He’s also implied that he would like Ammon to continue teaching one class a semester from now on. An exciting prospect, but it does make him extra busy. The one plus would be that after he’d taught the class once, he’d have all the material and wouldn’t have to start from scratch. We’ll see!

In case, those two jobs aren’t enough, he’s been doing some Graphic Design work for a couple in our ward at church who have home theater business. He’s been designing new brochures and business cards for them.

On the ball again…after a longgggggggg hiatus

Sorry for any of you who’ve checked our blog over the past 5 months and have been disappointed! Things have been very busy around here and I was trying to figure out how to deal with two toddlers and still get ANYTHING else accomplished. But, we’re back now and I’ll do my best to update this blog at least once a week.