Our Tween Girl

Natasha turned 11 on June 22nd. E.L.E.V.E.N. Like 6th grade, almost teenager, that sort of thing. Ack! Ick! Help!!!!



She had puffy oven pancakes with berries and bacon…in bed, of course!

IMG_3733 2 IMG_3734 IMG_3737 2


We were taking care of our little friend, Haylee after her Mom’s tubing accident. Haylee is like part of the family, so it was fun to have her around for Tasha’s birthday!

IMG_3742 2


Tasha requested dinner out at Denny’s and she was thrilled with her free sundae! Yum!

Tasha had just a few friends for her actual party…her two besties were out of state, but she had a good time nonetheless…She requested no presents, but either $$ or goods for our local animal shelter.

IMG_9012 (1)


Her doggie and kitty cupcakes

IMG_9011 (1) IMG_9010 (1)


We played some silly games like unwrap the gift, name the baby animal and more. It was a little subdued for some reason this year, but they still had fun.



Make a wish!

IMG_9016 (1)


Happy Birthday Rocky!

As of last year, we apparently started celebrating our dogs birthday. This year, Tasha and I made ginger, pumpkin, peanut butter, oat doggie muffins…hmm, that’s a mouthful! Rocky loved them and they actually didn’t taste bad to us either.

FullSizeRender 6


The very loved birthday boy!

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Yummy treat!


Another Littleton adventure

Mom bought a car in Denver, so we took the kids for a weekend at Grandma and Grandpas. We went to the Botanic Gardens and did a scavenger hunt, spotted some adorable animals along the way and my favorite…..inhaled the amazing scent of the chocolate plant. You heard me…CHOCOLATE PLANT! It smells like heaven. I seriously wanted to eat it, but I doubt it tastes as incredible as it smells. I’m totally planting it though at some point.

IMG_3677 IMG_3672 IMG_3671 IMG_3669 IMG_3666




This is the best picture of all! The big kids on the swings at the park! =)

Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day this year with all the girls together. We ate breakfast at a local favorite breakfast hangout called “Kate’s Place”. It’s always yummy, but usually a little chilly inside the place itself. This time the girls had hot chocolate with whipped cream and pancakes! I had an amazing omelet. Afterwards, we went to a junktique store across the road, as it flurried down on us. Yes. In May…

IMG_3651 (1)

Springtime Fun

This was supposed to come before the last post, but I messed up. Whoops! We had to hang out in Montrose for a while for something and the kids and I stumbled upon this cool park. There are all these resistance exercise contraptions and a big hill to roll down.

IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_3649


Drama Queen!


A friend invited us to join him on his boat for a bbq and afternoon of tubing, swimming and fun. We met him and also, our friends Darla and Haylee at our local reservoir. It was perfect weather to be on the water! None of us except Ammon and the boat owner had tubed before. The kids loved it! I did too. Kevin and Tasha were speed demons and kept giving us the “thumbs up” to go faster.

P1020224 P1020187 P1020150 P1020153


It was such a blast, until my friend Darla’s knee collided with her face and sent her to the hospital. Yet, still I have good memories of our day.

P.S. This post is out of order and should be in June after Rocky’s Birthday, but I haven’t figured out how to change the order….

New Room!

Ok, so this is like a year overdue, but quite a while ago we decided that Tasha needed her own room. Kevin got a new room in the basement and Tasha took over Kevin’s old room and naturally, it had to get a redo.

IMG_3591 IMG_3589 IMG_3588


Fun vinyl stickers to jazz up her white walls!