From the mouth of babes-Tasha




“Oh, yeah”

“Mommy, help” (let me help you Mom!)

“No, no, Dadin” (to Kevin)

“Snowy, is?” (when she’s hiding Snowy and wants us to find him)

She’ll grab a bag and pretend it’s a purse and when we ask her where she’s going, she’ll say, “Shopping! bye-bye, love you, mmmmuuuuhh! (big kisses)”

When pretending to talk on the phone to her Daddy, ” Oh my Goooooosh, Daddy”.

When she’s waiting for dinner to be ready and really wants to eat, I tell her, we’ll eat when it’s ready, she says “Already is, Mommy”

” Ya, dude”

Ammon said “Let’s get this party started” Tasha says “YA MAN!”

“Maybe” (everything is maybe these days)

“Too cute!”